Firefighter Maltese Cross Necklace

Custom and Pre-Designed Pendants

Whether you are looking for a custom St. Florian necklace or a custom firefighter Maltese Cross necklace, look no further. These pendants and necklaces feature the best detail and quality available.  A custom Maltese Cross Pendant and necklace is a keepsake that any firefighter would cherish and pass along from generation to generation. 

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Pre-Designed Pendants

The Maltese Cross is a symbol of Honor, Courage, and Dedication. Each one of my Maltese Cross necklaces is handcrafted by a third generation firefighter for a one of a kind memento. Personalize your pendant with company number, name, honors, St. Florian, personal messages etc. You also have the choice of silver, gold, platinum, or make it really stand out by combining the contrast between white with yellow gold. We can even add diamonds or gemstones depending on your own personal style. I dedicated my craft to making the most highly sought after firefighters Maltese Cross Pendant in the field. For many of my customers this the most treasured piece of history that celebrates their career.

Keeping with tradition, every custom firefighter Maltese cross necklace and/or pendant is hand fabricated.  The pendants are customized to our customers specifications out of the metal of their choice. The exceptional craftsmanship and detail with the hand polished mirror-like finished raised surfaces and the contrasted texture of the recessed surfaces highlight the customized features of every pendant. 

To design your own custom firefighter pendant begin by selecting the type of metal from which you want the pendant made. Notice that the pricing changes based upon the type of metal you select. Fill out the design questionnaire as completely as possible filling in each appropriate section. When finished proceed through checkout and pay for your custom firefighter Maltese cross pendant. Once your order is received a computerized rendering of your design is created for your approval.  Normally you will receive this rendering within 1 business day of placing your order. Make sure you inspect the rendered picture for design accuracy including all capitalization, spelling and punctuation. Reply to the email with either the “OK” to proceed or information of any changes that may be needed. After receiving your design approval a wax model that is a detailed replica of your design is created. From this wax model your pendant will be cast into the metal of your choice using the lost wax process. This lost wax casting process has been used by jewelers and craftsmen for centuries to create items from precious metal. After casting your custom firefighter Maltese pendant and necklace are hand finished and shipped directly to you!

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