Custom Firefighter Jewelry

All designs are the original creations of award winning Master Jeweler & Professional Firefighter Mark Miceli.

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When Mark first became a firefighter he ordered several different firefighter pendants from various vendors but none of them offered a level of quality that was going to make him proud to wear. Eventually Mark made his own firefighter Maltese cross necklace and once he started wearing it, fellow firefighters began hiring him to create custom pendants for them too. That was 18 years ago and Mark is still custom crafting his high-end collection out of solid silver, gold and platinum. Because his clients deserve the best Mark only uses solid metals (nothing is ever base metal that's plated) and are on average twice as heavy/thick as the mass-produced commercially available firefighter pendants. When the design calls for diamonds or gemstones... only the best will do and that means ideal cut, VS clarity colorless diamonds and brilliant gemstones! If what you are looking for is a one-of-a-kind piece of firefighter jewelry art that reflects your firefighting heritage, then these are the ultimate!  


Custom Designs

Most of the designs featured by Firedog Jewelry can be customized to fit your particular needs. Custom designs make a unique firefighter gift for holidays, birthdays, recruit graduations and of course as retirement gifts. Let us know what you want and Mark will create it!

Standard Designs

Sometimes you don't need a custom piece. Mark has designed several firefighter jewelry pendants and firefighter rings that are often available to ship within 24 hours.

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